Squeegee Collaborative Recommendations

The goal of the Squeegee Collaborative is to eliminate the need to squeegee in Baltimore by creating positive pathways to work, education, entrepreneurship and support services for squeegee workers, while providing enforcement that considers the public safety interests of squeegee workers and motorists. After four months of intensive deliberations, the Collaborative developed a series of recommendations across a set of key domains you can read the full plan.

Squeegee Collaborative Working Action Plan

Dating back as early as the 1980’s, Baltimore has grappled with a persistent challenge with youth panhandling – notably, squeegee workers who dart across high traffic intersections washing windshields to earn money. Over the past 40 years, the City has developed multiple plans and deployed a series of strategies aimed at curbing the activity –yet it still persists.

On July 14, 2022, Mayor Brandon Scott convened the ‘Squeegee Collaborative’ (the Collaborative) – a cross-section of youth, business, community and government leaders to develop a city-wide, public, private and community-based response to the challenges and opportunities squeegeeing presents to the City of Baltimore. Download the Squeegee Collaborative Working Action Plan.

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